Do I get webmail access on my account?

Yes, you have access to webmail on your account, using Neomail, Horde, or Squirrel Mail.

 Want to give your users an easy to remember address to get to their webmail?  Create a subdomain such as, and redirect it to  This will direct them after logging in to the Webmail management page, from where they can choose which email package to enter, as well as change their account password.

For the security of your users, it is recommended that after you create their accounts and set a default password, you should direct them to the password changer and let them create their own private password.

As an alternative, consider setting up your email through the Google Apps system, which gives you access to a gMail interface for your email on the web.  Google Apps let's you administer all of your email users through an intuitive user interface.  Signing up for a Google Apps account gives you access to shared calendars for your domain, site builders, Google Apps, and more.

Check it out here:

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