Do you have a referral program?

Referral Incentive Program

Signup for an account (Even the $4/mo Bronze Account!), pay for your first 3 months of hosting (That's only $12 on Bronze!), and you can get every month after that for free, simply by referring a friend each month to join our hosting service!  It's that easy!  Signup Now!


As of January 1st, 2006, we have begun a referral program that all of our clients can participate in!  Any new accounts referred by an existing member will qualify that existing member for one month of free hosting!

To receive this incentive, have the customer you refer enter your full name or your domain name in the referral code field during signup.

Get your friends involved! Do you know lots of people that would like to have their own domain name, email addresses, and web sites, for only a few cents per day?  (Actually, it works out to about 15 cents per day on the Bronze plan!)  And once they have signed up, they can do the same... refer customers to earn free hosting!

In order to begin referring customers and receiving free months of hosting, you must first have an active account with, and have paid for an initial 3 months of hosting with us (Only $12 USD on the Bronze plan).

This Incentive Program does not cover domain name charges.  If you registered your domain name through us, you will still be required to pay your domain name charge yearly...  However, with only 12 referrals per year, that is ALL you will have to pay!

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